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Home Invasion - Prevention Tip Sheet

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For the most people, a feeling of security can be found in the safety of their own homes.
However, many US citizens and Canadians forget to take even basic precautions to protect their homes against robbery.
There are several precautions you may take that will reduce the opportunities for burglar invasion.

Prevention tips

  •  Conduct any security check of your house to determine probable entry points as well as any weaknesses it might have.
  •  Keep all of the entrances and garages well-lit during the night.
  •  Don’t leave telltale signs that you’re away.
  •  Install new locks and always make use of them.
  •  Install the wide-angle door viewer that enables you to see callers prior to opening the door.
  •  Never open a door and let strangers in without ID’s.
  •  Change the daily routine often. Burglars can work on your routine!
  •  Do not keep considerable amounts of money in your house.
  •  Mark precious items for id. The Operation Identification Program was developed by police to aid people in marking their house and valuable goods.
  •  Keep valuables inside a safety deposit box at the bank. If this isn’t possible, keep them locked up inside a reasonable hiding place in your house.

Note: A few affordable but rich-looking pieces kept inside a jewellery box like a decoy may prevent unnecessary ransacking of your property in search of other valuables.

What if…

A burglar assumes you’re not home and goes in without checking.
• Don’t attack the burglar who’s as probably be as frightened as you are.
• Try to memorize a description of that person, particularly facial features.
• When this burglar leaves, call the authorities immediately.

Facts and fictional

The portrayal of the burglar as the sinister thief operating during the night, a handkerchief on his face, coat collar turned up and peaked hat on his head is misleading as well as inaccurate.

Statistics indicate that a thief will most likely be among the male youths within the neighbourhood, usually under 30 and most probably a adolescent.

He may possibly be well dressed, wearing a recognizable uniform or even a suit jacket. It will probably be broad daylight.

The typical burglar doesn’t want to hurt you, just get into your house, steal what can be found and is valuable, and get out as fast as possible, unobserved.

Away from the house

It is vital that you take extra attention in securing your house when you will be away for any time period. Not only should your home be secure but it should also seem lived in.

Prevention tips

  •  Secure all of the doors, windows and the garage prior to leaving.
  •  Leave the radio playing to seem that someone is actually home.
  •  Leave a couple of lights on, preferably timers that start up according to how dark it’s outside.
  •  Discontinue postal mail, milk and newspapers deliveries.
  •  Arrange to get someone pick up any newspapers or mail which might be left on the door step.
  •  Leave a key with someone that you trust.
  •  Let the neighbours know you’ll be away, for how long and where they can contact you when necessary.


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