9 Ways to Help Prevent a Home Invasion

Here are some ways to prevent a home invasion:

1. Keep every single door locked in your house. Leave an extra key with one of your neighbors or perhaps with a member of family in case you will get locked out.

2. Keep all your window blinds and curtains closed throughout the night. This can discourage criminal activity. It makes invaders think carefully about what they cannot see on the other side.

3. Home alone? Never let the appearance of a home look totally darkish. Put on some lights and even use a radio to make it appear as if someone is constantly home.

4. Know your surroundings. When approaching your car or truck, criminals may follow you home soon after stalking you.

5. Intruders will less likely injure you should you cooperate with their particular demands. In many instances they’ll only take your personal possessions and not harm you should you cooperate.

6. Just glance at the intruder so they do not feel threatened by you having the ability to give a good description of what they appear like.

7. Victims are often put into a master bathroom throughout a home invasion. A phone or even hand gun carefully hidden within the room may come in handy.

8. A secret code on the telephone that you have rehearsed in advance may signal help needed.

9. If the telephone should ring while the home invasion is in progress, the intruder may possibly tell you to not answer it. Make sure you tell them that you’re expecting a extremely important call. Tell them the caller knows you’re home and that should you not answer, the caller may suspect something is actually wrong and contact your neighbor. If you answer the phone call and it is someone who is aware of your code, make sure you say it within a natural modulation of voice and your caller will know next to call 911.

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