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Think about this scenario. After a long week at the office, you are finally capable to relax at home with your spouse along with two teen-age children. You’re in your family room watching TV together with your spouse. Your daughters will be in their own bedrooms doing…whatever. Because both of you’ve worked hard for several years, you are now in a position to live more pleasantly in what you considered to be a safe neighborhood.

At 9: 00PM you notice a knock on the door and your partner gets up to answer the door. After the front door is unlocked you hear a sudden outburst as two strange teenage boys burst through the doorway and into your family room. As the front door crashes open, you see your life partner is being punched and beaten on the floor. Before you have got time react you’re overcome by bodily force and threats of harm to your household. The two males are brandishing guns and they are shouting obscene threats and commands simultaneously as they push you on the couch. One of these men quickly searches your house for other occupants as the other stands safeguard over you.

Your mind is racing so hard. Will we possibly be killed? Will these attackers beat us or perhaps molest our children? The level associated with terror and stress is enormous and can cause victims to sometimes act irrationally. Some will freeze and be incapacitated from fright. Others will intuitively resist and attempt to fight back. Others will try to escape if possible. Psychologists have tagged this phenomenon as the “fight or flight syndrome. ” The very first thirty seconds will be the most critical for your family’s survival.

What Would You choose to do?

Most people haven’t pondered this query for themselves or together with their family. How will I react under identical circumstances? How will my loved ones react independent of me? How will all of us react together? How you naturally react depends upon many factors: your sex, age, culture, physical condition, personality, how you process information, how you behave under extreme stress, special training, skills, and past experience in giving an answer to aggression. Most people don’t know for certain how they will react to a personal crisis until it happens. Many are amaze afterwards by their own behavior as having been heroic, cowardly, calm, or stupid.

Would you make an effort to overpower the intruders? Would you opt for your gun? Would you attempt to activate a security alarm? Would you attempt to escape and require help? Would you stick to their demands and also hope they don’t harm you? Would you permit them to tie you up? Would you permit them to take family members away from the house? Would you risk death in order to save your family from harm?

The response options are endless, but most fall under three general reaction possibilities. You can withstand the assault; comply with just about all of the commands; or you can attempt to stay calm, wait, and resist, comply, or flee while the scenario evolves. One thing is usually clear, there is no one single correct reaction to a life-threatening home invasion scenario. The choice is usually personal, based on your personal assessment of your own physical and mental capabilities as well as your belief regarding the level of eminent danger.

Sometimes fighting or screaming works, especially if there are neighbors who may intervene or call the authorities. It makes absolutely no sense to risk fighting if you’re physically incapable to do so effectively. Total compliance occasionally works. The invaders may leave you unharmed and leave. However, compliance may raise the duration of the invasion and for that reason increase the possibility of molestation. You need to thoughtfully consider the way you or your loved ones might act within the circumstances and prepare accordingly.

What Works

Having a household and neighborhood plan is vital. If you create a home security plan and discuss it with your household and neighbors, the chances of acting appropriately as well as getting help usually are greatly improved.

Prevention works the very best. Harden your house or apartment with strong doors as well as locks and three-inch screws within the lock strike plate and door hinges. See our web site on home security systems and tips for more details. Use a wide-angle peephole and also instruct everyone in your family not to open the front door to strangers. Chain latches are ineffective as being a barrier, so use your peephole to check outside before opening the front door. Be suspicious of someone claiming to be making a delivery that you simply did not get or use additional tricks to allow you to open the front door. Fortification of back doors, sliding glass entrance doors, and garage doors will also be important. This gives you the required time to telephone 911, sound audible sensors, or arm yourself.

Local Alarms

Audible alarm sirens may prevent home invasion… if they will be set. Alarm systems may be designed so that perimeter door as well as window sensors are activated as the home is occupied. The alarm could be set to instantly turn on upon unauthorized access. Be prepared to provide a prearranged duress password to the alarm company should they call. Most alarm panels come with an emergency panic button which will function just like a 911 call and can instruct your security alarm monitoring company to call the authorities. Alarm company yard and window indicators help advertise that the house is wired and effective at getting a response from the police. These alarm indicators and decals provide good deterrence value and could cause the robber to pick another victim.

Automatic Phone Dialers

Automatic dial phones, that can contact 911 in speakerphone setting, can be efficient in getting authorities assistance. If a home invader breaks in you might have just a moment to push the 911 direct-dial button on the telephone. If you call in speakerphone mode law enforcement dispatcher can hear what’s going on in the room. Every telephone in your house should be programmed with this particular feature and all the members of the family should be instructed to learn to make this emergency call. Your home address will automatically appear on the law enforcement dispatcher screen and an officer ought to be dispatched even in the event the phone wire will be cut. All 911 hang-up calls are supposed to be investigated by the police due to this type of situation.

Have a Get away Plan

If someone within the household can escape and call for help, the home invaders may have lost their advantage of having privacy as well as time. To some, running away from the family in crisis is distasteful, especially to women or men with children. However, the alternative may mean being handcuffed or tied-up or else incapacitated and left to look in horror as your loved one is molested. If you use a plan for getting away, make sure you include were to run and what to say. Sometimes a radical escape measure will pay off, in life or death circumstances, like diving through a plate glass window, jumping from the balcony or climbing onto the roof structure. Although you may sustain minor injuries you have to weigh them against your possibility of survival with the actual assailants.

Home invaders may sometimes threaten harm to children to get adults to conform to their demands. But at the same time, children are frequently overlooked as possible rescuers and sometimes aren’t as well protected. If the opportunity comes up, a trained kid can dial 911, activate a security alarm panic button, or escape to the neighbor’s house to summon the authorities. If they have the capability, they should get it done.

Never Stop Pondering

Keeping a cool head is essential, even in terrible circumstances. If you are able to keep your wits about you it’s possible to increase the options by awaiting the right moment to do something. Always be considering and re-evaluating the problem as it changes. At first there might be no chance for escape, but after some time you may notice an opening. Fighting may not really be wise, however the attackers may let their own guard down when you appear to abide. If you choose to strike a knock back, do it quick, suddenly, and forceful to the nose, eyes, or throat without concern for the damage you may inflict. While the attacker is momentarily stunned, make your get away. Don’t stand there waiting to toss more punches or gather members of the family. You might ask, won’t that lead them to harm me without a doubt? Maybe, if they get you. This is an option that must definitely be considered. Sometimes hours in the siege, an opportunity arises where one can hit the automatic dial on the telephone or security alarm panic button without having to be seen. Always be searching for that chance.

What Doesn’t Usually Work

Screaming and shouting may be the easiest and most basic thing that just about everyone can do. Screaming can notify savvy neighbors to call the authorities or the noises alone may scare off the home invaders. However, home invaders know this and will also be prepared to make you stop screaming, by force, if necessary. One of the very first threats you may hear is, “if you shout I’ll kill you. ” If you can’t escape, but are out in public places, scream your head off. Scream things such as, “call 911. ” Visit with your neighbors so they know you have a family strategy and teach them how they can react if you require help.

Handguns and pepper spray can offer a means of self-defense within a life-threatening situation. Homeowners have effectively defended their families in past times from home intruders using such weaponry. However, sometimes homeowners have lost their guns to home invaders since they couldn’t get to them in time to make use of them. Most chemical sprays are tucked away somewhere and quite a few handguns are held unloaded or locked up to prevent children from finding them. During a house invasion, you cannot always rely on your ability to get at these weapons prior to being injured yourself. Ordinary household products can function in self protection. Chemical fire extinguishers function great to disorient the actual robber.

Fighting with your intruders sometimes is effective, especially if you’ve got some training and they are physically fit. But for many, fighting doesn’t work since the victim was pre-selected for their lack of struggle capability. In a life-threatening situation there will be no rules for fighting in self-defense. The idea isn’t to stand toe-to-toe and duke it out. All you will need is one incapacitating blow on the nose, eyes, or throat allowing time to escape from there and call for help. Take a self-defense class along with your family so all can learn the correct techniques and may practice the methods. A practiced technique features a better chance to be used effectively within a crisis.

Faking illness doesn’t usually work especially in the home. Most home invaders don’t worry about your welfare anyhow. Faking illness might work in public places or while gettin transported or while fighting off molesters, but don’t rely on it as your only choice. You must decide ahead of time which technique to make use of depending on your own acting skills.

What Not to do

Don’t ever attempt to pull a weapon on an armed perpetrator that has you covered having a handgun unless you’re feeling it’s your final chance. Don’t ever accept to be transported elsewhere like to an ATM machine or perhaps other location if you don’t feel it’s a life or death decision. The second crime scene is nearly always more violent than in your house. If you have a choice, never agree to get tied-up, handcuffed or be put into the trunk of any car because it takes away most of the self defense alternatives. Don’t ever adhere to an intruder after they leave your house. Leave that for the police. Don’t fight over property loss, it can always be replaced…your life can’t.

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