Home Invasion Prevention Guidelines


  1.  Lock all windows, doors and garages all the time, even when you’re at home. Preliminary information in the Cheshire tragedy reveals the fact that the suspects got in via an open door.
  2.  Harden and secure your house with strong entrance doors and locks.
  3.  Never open the door to unknown people or solicitors. Most home invaders knock at the entrance door and hope to be invinted in. Use your outside light during the night to see who’s at your front door. Don’t rely on the door chains to hold intruders out; they won’t.
  4.  If you get an alarm system in your house, activate the perimeter windows and doors while you are in your home. If someone attempts to enter, the alarm will certainly sound, giving you enough time to set your strategy in motion.
  5.  Automatic phone dialers that will call 911, in speakerphone function, can be efficient in getting authorities assistance if intruders get inside. Every home phone needs to be pre-programmed with this kind of feature and all the members of the family should be trained on how to use this. When intruders come in you won’t have much time available to contact police.
  6.  Have an escape plan in your mind for your loved ones. Train family members on where they have to go and what they have to say. This plan ought to include your children. If someone may escape, the invaders could have lost their adge on privacy and time period.
  7.  Never stop thinking should you be held captive. Stay calm and make the most of any opportunities that provide themselves.
  8.  Report all suspect activity to authorities. If you see something unusual, call. You won’t bother them.
  9.  Often, police are asked if people ought to resist invaders. There is simply no set answer for this question, seeing as this will depend on the actual physical and mental capabilities of every person.
  10.  Don’t fight over property with the intruder. Let them get the property; it is not worth your life and can always be replaced. Never follow your intruder from the scene, call 911 immediately and get to the authorities the best description you have on the intruder.
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