Home Invasion Robbery

Home Invasion

One of the frightening and possibly dangerous crimes that may occur to a household is a home invasion robbery. A home invasion is when thieves force their way into an occupied home, apartment or motel room to commit some sort of robbery or various other crimes. It is particularly frightening since it violates our private space and also the one place we think of as our sanctuary.

Home invasion is much like the residential type of an automobile carjacking and it’s happening more often. Like the criminal offense of carjacking, most police agencies don’t track home invasions like a separate crime. Most police agencies and also the FBI will statistically report the crime like a residential burglary or even a robbery. Without the capability to track the particular crime of home invasion, little can be achieved to alert the public regarding the frequency of occurrence within their community or create a law enforcement strategy to control this.

Criminal Profile

Residential burglars work mostly throughout the day and when the residence is prone to be unoccupied. Most burglars operate alone and have a tendency to probe a neighborhood searching for the right residence and also the right opportunity. Alarm signs as well as decals, bars on house windows, strong locks and also doors, big dogs, and alert neighbors can occasionally deter burglars. Also, burglars will stay away from a confrontation and can usually flee whenever approached. Most burglaries will not result in physical violence unless the offender is cornered and uses force to flee.

Home invasion thieves, in contrast, work more often during the night and on weekends when homes will probably be occupied. The home invader can sometimes target the resident and also the dwelling. The selection process can sometimes include a woman residing alone, a wealthy senior or a acknowledged drug dealer, for example. It is not uncommon for a robber to check out you home based on the value of the vehicle you are driving or the jewelry you’re wearing. Some home invaders might have been in your home before as being a delivery person, installer or repair vendor. Home robbers almost never work alone and depend on an overwhelming physical confrontation to get initial control as well as install fear in you. The greatest physical violence usually occurs throughout the initial sixty seconds of the confrontation and home invaders often appear prepared with handcuffs, duct tape, rope, and firearms. Some in-home robbers may actually enjoy the violence, domination, and intimidation and a few even claim it’s the “rush. ”

Dangerous Trends

The act of committing a home invasion is escalating similar to carjacking. The reason for that increase seems to follow along with a similar routine. Much like cars, the traditional industrial targets for thieves like convenience shops and fast-food dining places have hardened by themselves against criminal attack and also have reduced available money. Technology has permitted commercial establishments to set up affordable video monitoring systems, silent alarms, and other anti-crime prevention devices. A residence, by comparison, is now a far more attractive choice.

Home invaders realize that they won’t need to overcome alarm systems once the home is occupied or be concerned with video cameras or silent alarms. Unlike robbing a store, home invaders anticipate privacy once in your home and won’t have to endure the police all of a sudden driving up or even customers walking inside. Once the offenders take control of a residence they are able to force the residents to open safes, locate hidden belongings, supply keys for the family car, and PIN numbers for their ATM cards. Home invaders will attempt to increase their own escape time simply by disabling the telephones and sometimes may leave their victims bound or incapacitated. It is not uncommon for robbers to stock up the victim’s vehicle with valuables and also drive away without anyone within the neighborhood taking notice.

Method of Operation

The most typical point of attack is through the front door or even garage. Sometimes the home invader will simply kick open the entranceway and confront everybody inside. More common is when the home invaders knock on the door first or even ring the bell. The home invader hopes the occupant will simply open the entranceway, without question, in response to their knock. Unfortunately, many people do exactly that.

Home invaders will sometimes make use of a ruse or impersonation to have you open the door. They have been seen to pretend to be delivering a package, flowers or lie about any sort of accident like hitting your own parked car. Once the door is opened for them, the home invaders use an explosive volume of force and threats to get control of the house and produce fear within the victims. Once the occupants are manageable the robbers will start to collect your possessions.

Some home robbers are actually known to invest hours ransacking a residence while homeowners are bound nearby watching in terror. Some robbers are known to try to eat meals, watch TV, or even rest. A major fear is the robbers might commit more violence such as sexual assault as well as murder. Some robbers have kidnapped and forced a victim to withdraw cash using their ATM machine or take them to their small company to rob it too.

Prevention Steps

The same tactics utilized to prevent daytime burglaries will go far to preventing forced entry home robberies. If you can delay a house invader at the point of entry then you’ve got a chance of deterring them or have time to call the authorities. A solid primary door, strong locks along with reinforced strike plates, and reinforced window devices will eradicate most forced entries. See our web site on Home Security Systems And Tips to learn more. Some homeowners construct safe rooms in their home to enable them to retreat or get away from the violence while providing them with valuable time to call the authorities.

The weakest home security link is the house occupant who doesn’t lock doors or even windows or who’ll open the front door without question on the sound of the knock. The best protection against home intrusion is education as well as planning. Parents should hold a household meeting to discuss how you can answer the front door when someone knocks. Another important topic is the way to act should your house or family end up being invaded. Once you understand how home robbers operate, you can successfully prevent most incidences. See also House Invasion Family Survival Tips to learn more.

Remember these essential security steps:

  • Use the door peephole BEFORE opening the door
  • Use four three-inch anchoring screws to secure durable lock strike
  • plates inside the door frame
  • Lock all entrance doors, windows, and garages all the time
  • Install solid core doors, heavy duty locking systems, and window
  • protection devices
  • Use your porch light to help you to see clearly outdoors
  • Never rely on the chain-latch as the barrier to partially open the door
  • Never open the door to strangers or even solicitors
  • Set the house perimeter alarm through the night, if you possess one.
  • Hold a family meeting to go over home security strategies
  • Alert others who live nearby to suspicious solicitors
  • Call the police when the stranger acts dubious.
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